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Programs + Services

Grand Center Inc. works to help the District achieve its full potential as a vibrant community for all.

Clean & Beautiful

To maintain cleanliness and sanitation throughout the District, we hired a team to sweep and remove trash from sidewalks and public areas daily.

Visitor Experience

To enhance the visitor experience, we are installing a wayfinding system to visually define the neighborhood and help visitors quickly locate and navigate the area.

Safety & Security

Grand Center Inc. works closely with the Grand Center Community Improvement District to keep the area safe. Several security officers patrol the District on a daily basis to keep visitors and residents safe.

Marketing & Communications

To raise the District’s profile among potential visitors, we have implemented a robust marketing plan that puts the District’s unique businesses front and center.

Strauss Park

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the renovation project at Strauss Park with the addition of wifi and updated furniture, a beloved public park conveniently located across Grand Boulevard from the renowned Fox Theatre.

Community Improvement

For nearly 40 years, we have worked to make Grand Center Arts District an attractive place for businesses, residents, and visitors. Recent renovations include new and wider sidewalks, new roadway and pedestrian street lighting,
and new landscaping.