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DEAI Statement

Grand Center Inc. / DEAI Statement

Grand Center Inc. DEAI Statement

The Grand Center Arts District is a cultural crossroad driven by diversity. Grand Center Inc.’s mission is to build relationships between organizations and businesses that are diverse in mission, vision, and values, and the equally diverse individuals, community members, and residents that are represented and served. Grand Center Inc. is committed to the spirit of the district by welcoming diversity, being equity-centered, and ensuring accessibility and inclusion.

We are committed to the equity and the diversity of voices by embracing values, policies and practices that ensure that all people—regardless of race/ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, gender, age, socioeconomic status, immigrant status, educational status, or religion—have equal opportunities to participate as audiences, volunteers, artists, administrators, board members, and donors of Grand Center Inc.

Our broader DEAI mission goals are to:
    • Seek out and build partnerships with organizations and individuals who embody and will forward our DEAI standards.
    • Discuss at the board-level how systemic inequities affect Grand Center Inc.’s policies, procedures, programs, and services, and advocate for change that is consistent with our mission.
    • Commit time and resources to ongoing DEAI centered training and expand a more diverse leadership within our board, staff, and committees.
    • We expect employees, board members, and volunteers to embrace these values and to express them at the workplace, in any interaction that they serve as a representative of Grand Center Inc., and through day-to-day practices.

In the effort to be DEAI-centered, Grand Center Inc. will continue to listen, research, learn, engage, reflect, and grow by listening to our community.