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Raised So Far!

Goal: $200,000

Grand Future

We are proud to announce that we raised over $200,000 during the Grand Future Campaign! In a year, unlike any other, these critical funds will support our mission as we work towards nurturing Grand Center Arts District as the landmark destination for arts and culture organizations and creative businesses in St. Louis and the Midwest.

Chef Kirkland has long been involved with Grand Center Arts District, and his passion for his business and customers is second to none. His story is a reminder that great things happen when the Grand Center community comes together.

Jeff Kelley has been a long-time Grand Center investor and Board member, and his passion for his businesses and the Grand Center community is undeniable. The District would not be where it is today without the support of people like Jeff.

As the Arts Relations Manager for the Angad Arts Hotel, an artist, and a District resident, Vanessa’s passion for the Grand Center Arts District is undeniable. Whether she is organizing community murals or cheering on other District institutions, her commitment and love for the community continually drive the District forward. .

Make an Impact!

  • Clean, Safe, Beautiful

  • $ 5,000 -
  • Will support GCI’s mission to make Grand Center cleaner, safer, and beautiful to attract more visitors.

  • Public Space Enhancements

  • $ 2,500 -
  • Will enhance projects and activities in Strauss Park and Arts Academy Plaza that are open to the public.

  • Support Public Events

  • $ 1,000 -
  • Will help GCI work with District Partners to create additive experiences during First Fridays and other public events.

  • Grand Center Promotion

  • $ 500 -
  • Will support GCI’s marketing initiatives that help cultivate the identity and branding of Grand Center Arts District.

PLEASE NOTE: A donation of $10,000 or more may qualify donors for MDFB Tax Credits. Call our development office at 314-289-1506 to learn more.

Thank You to Our Sponsors!